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Issuance of ETC shall strictly be on ground of emergency where issuance of e-passport is impossible.

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For convenience, applicants can forward the hard copies of these documents listed above to: Duly completed application form The photocopy of the last Passport or number and the name on which it was issued this shall be confirmed on line Evidence of Nigerian citizenship state of origin, local government identification in Nigeria, Nigerian national identification card etc Confirmed flight reservation with departure date within the one month validity of the certificate from the date of issue.

Unfortunately, if this occurs, fresh online payment shall be required to continue the application processing. In other words, if the validity of any standard Nigerian Passport is twelve 12 Months or less, it is renewable by the passport office of Nigerian Embassy, Moscow on application.

Formal application of request for Emergency Travel Certificate giving reasons. Affected students are to fill the application request form designed below and attach the following documents; 1.

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Do not make any online payment in respect of this application until approval to issue the passport is secured from the Comptroller-General of Immigration Service in Abuja.

Applicants shall produce the following documents before being issued ETC. Police report about the lost passport. Passport fee has been categorised according to ages.

Forward these scanned documents and the form to any of the underlisted email address to enable this Embassy forward same with Embassy covering letter and response of the Comptroller-General of Immigration shall be communicated to you via the e-mail addresses.

For students with special requests for re-issuance of passports that the validity is more than twelve 12 Months, each case shall be forwarded to the Comptroller-General for consideration based on its merit. Nigerians are advised to apply and procure their passports instead.

Relevant Russian Immigration laws requesting for the passport re-issuance. Such Passport application shall only be issued after approval has been given by the Comptroller-General.

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With the flag off of passport section and officers at the Nigerian Embassy Moscow, manual extension of the validity of e-passport shall henceforth not be offered to holders of Nigerian e-passports. Colour photocopy of data page of Passport. Payment shall only be made after approval to issue the application has been secured from the Comptroller-General in Abuja.

Duly completed online passport application forms.