Drake takes basketball writer Ros Gold-Onwude to the NBA Awards | Metro News Drake takes basketball writer Ros Gold-Onwude to the NBA Awards | Metro News

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I was hoping to have a special kind of interview here. I can really break down the game. We were going to ignore it. You have to learn to laugh with social media and not take it too seriously.

Drake has a new girlfriend, takes basketball reporter Ros Gold-Onwude to the 2017 NBA Awards

After graduation, Rosalyn decided to leave her ball on the court to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. I hope I can be one of those ladies that have her career and family.

His playoff run is already costumi nuoto sincronizzato online dating status, and an amazing professional journey could cement him in conversations as one of the most dominant ever.

Almost any job opportunity comes from inside referrals. In my field, primarily working basketball, my number one advantage is I played and worked as an analyst, not just as a reporter.

Is this Jidenna’s New Girl? Meet Nigerian-Russian Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

I was piecing it together ros gold onwude dating apps it was frightening. I worked at the school radio station as a production assistant. I taught a public speaking course at Stanford. I was literally putting really small paid gigs together to barely make enough money.

Reaching your level of success is definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and can be exhausting.

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Which nickname do you prefer, and are there any you want to go away? I was doing digital content for Stanford, all the sports. My mom is sick. It has a lot to do with little conscious decisions we make, and influences of outside people. I make time for myself, family and friends.

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School us on some of your hustle mentality and techniques, please! Representation is very key. Then at times win the championship and finish with a ring.

We talk about this, where men might be more aggressive in social settings. Many would agree your success was destiny, looking back how did you steer your career? I almost felt silly, embarrassed, frustrated, angry, and a little selfish. For instance, it started with my mom and dad. I had pressures back home, monetarily and family members were sick.

Out of school I had a full time job, moonlighting and broadcasting. The next year I got my first television contract. That was my first little bit of security. To make it in this business you need to work hard, hustle, and be comfortable being uncomfortable.

It helps me gain respect in the locker room, with women or men. You have to be creative and resourceful, almost all the TV networks I work for, my journeys have never been a straight line.

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He was just looking down and they happened to capture a screenshot. I start my morning in prayer and give thanks. You can say hello to Ros on Twitter and Instagram rosgo How did you manage to stay productive while you waited for your big break?

But all people did was make a meme out of it. How do you combat petty gossip and adversity in an industry seemingly determined to pit women against one another, both professionally and in your personal life? You have to develop a thicker skin. That, no matter any kind of shade, will always speak loudest.

Last year you generated a lot of buzz due to a meme of you and Ayesha Curry during a post-game interview with Steph Curry. There was a school newsletter keeping track of recruits coming into Stanford football.

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Basketball happened to be my vehicle that got me out of New York and all the way to California. Before you were an Emmy Award-winning journalist and analyst with endless career options, you were like many of our BAUCE readers, talented, untested and looking to get her foot in the door.

Do you believe in fate? There are many great veterans that came before me. My mom [made] sure our community had teams so I could play in them.

I wrote for that newsletter. I understand timing has been really helpful as well. Often women burden more BS. Look at my Instagram account, thousand people know who I am, right?