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Silver Saddle was shown throughout Europe during the next two years, and was especially popular in West GermanyAustria and Hungary with a recorded attendance offor the latter country. Licinia Lentini as Shiba — Blood's ex-girlfriend and madam of the local whorehouse.

This was one of the two last spaghetti westerns to be filmed in the area, the other being Monte Hellman 's China 9, Liberty 37 which was released later that year.

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Sven Valsecchi was a well-known child actor at the time of his appearance in Silver Saddle. Mount etna rock dating diagram courier is murdered once he hands the money to the bandits.

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Sven Valsecchithe son of his intended victim Richard Barrett. This was his final role in a feature film and, after a guest appearance in the television mini-series Orient Expressretired from acting altogether. Snake reveals that he took in Thomas, Jr.

It is presumed that is the motivating factor for Thomas Barrett, Sr.

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His son then picks up his father's shotgun, uses it to kill Luke, and rides out of town with Luke's horse and a distinctive silver-trimmed saddle. Snake is a colorful character who claims that the story of the "silver saddle" and the boy who avenged his father's death is well known and that he wishes to join Blood in his travels.

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Donald O'Brien as Fletcher — a murderous gunman who works for Barrett. Angered at being cheated out of his revenge, Blood leaves the boy stranded in the hillside with only a knife and blanket.

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Plot[ edit ] The film opens in a small South Texas bordertown in the s. She tells Blood that she is being extorted by a man called Shep who collects the money on behalf of a Mexican bandit named Garrincha Aldo Sambrell.

Sven Valsecchi as Thomas Barrett, Jr. Aldo Sambrell as Garrincha — a Mexican bandit whose gang is extorting Shiba. Blood is also informed that the bounty was a ploy used to kill himself and the boy, with Blood being blamed for the murder.

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Shiba enlists Blood's help in taking care of Garrincha and his gang. Luke finally shoots the farmer, killing the man in front of his young son. Following her appearance in Silver Saddle, she had a number of supporting roles in comedy films herself.

Blood lies in wait until a carriage eventually pulls up. With the help of Margaret, Blood eventually escapes from the town jail and reunites with Snake to track down Garrincha.

Sella d'argento

He initially offers Blood a murder contract which the bounty hunter accepts when he learns the target is Barrett. Back at the Barrett homestead, the Thomas's older sister Margaret Cinzia Monreale is upset over her brother's disappearance.

On the way, Snake often scavenges the remains of those killed in gunfights by Roy Blood. Cinzia Monreale had been in a few romantic comedies before her appearance in Silver Saddles although the director of her first film, Franco Rossettihad written the screenplays for Johnny OroTexas, Adios and Django Blood is later arrested by the sheriff Phillppe Hersent who believes he is a member of Garrincha's band.

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A poor farmer and his young son arrive into the settlement where the farmer confronts Luke, a thieving henchman employed by wealthy land baron Richard Barrett.

Gemma's breakout role had been in one of the earliest successful spaghetti westerns, A Pistol for Ringoand secured his role as a star in the genre.

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This was the first major film role for Licinia Lentiniappearing alongside fellow Italian sex symbol Agnes Kalpagosand was cast in the female lead despite being relatively inexperienced. Cast[ edit ] Giuliano Gemma as Roy Blood — a bounty hunter who wanders the Texas frontier following the murder of his father.

However, Thomas gambled away his half of the inheritance while the family fortune was possessed by his children. Its occupant is a young boy however, not the older land baron he had expected, who enters the graveyard carrying a funeral wreath.

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With an original story written by screenwriter Adriano Bolzoni and financed by the Italian studio Rizzoli Film Productions, Fulci went to work on what would be his final spaghetti western. The elder Barrett has been dead for several years and Thomas, Jr. Blood kills Thomas, Sr.

Garrincha was also part of the plan, Thomas, Sr.

Sella d'argento Silver Saddle

Gianni De Luigi as Turner — a blond-haired cowboy with uncertain intentions towards Blood. The murder is arraigned to take place in a graveyard outside town where Barrett is expected to arrive.

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Blood and Snake arrive to find Garrincha whipping the boy after discovering his ruse.