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This is an important economic centre, whose beginnings lay in the mining industry coal and heavy industry.

The biggest Gothic castle in Europe is to be found in Malbork. In the city are to be found the old granaries and the Crane — the medieval port crane operated on the back of human muscle.


Grotowski ranked among the greatest reformers of twentieth-century theatre. Jerzy Grotowski was an excellent teacher and creator of acting methods. Each year the Slav and Viking Festival is held at the museum. It is a popular recreation spot for both the inhabitants of Sopot and visiting tourists.

Major sporting events, concerts and academic conferences take place within its UFO walls. The name for serial paulina po polsku online dating in Polish bursztyn comes from the German word Bernstein — the stone which burns.

This is the oldest and the most beautiful of Arab stubs.

A beginner's course of Polish.

It is a region of varied flora and fauna. The museum, situated within its grounds, allows one to see the former camp buildings the detention barracks, crematorium, watch towers, museum exhibitsthe mausoleum and the imposing Monument to Struggle and Martyrdom.

Jaffar rawas online dating eminent astronomer was to be born in Torun itself on the 19th February Workers would pull ropes entering on the steps constructed within the interior of huge treadmills.

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Here can be found perfect, though still relatively undiscovered, places for a break for all who love water sports, horse riding or angling. Gdansk also has the largest brick church in Europe — St. Discovering them is a real find not only for the youngest of tourists.

On scorching days they circle above the sunbathing tourists, while in the evening they walk up and down the now deserted beaches. It is at this very spot that Warsaw is today situated.

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Kalisz is quite possibly the oldest town in Poland. His works are still performed in Poland and abroad, which shows his universality and timelessness.

Here are to be found 27 sanatoriums, treating a large number of conditions. In the ethnographic park one may see architectural objects, furniture, indoor equipment, agricultural machines, porcelain, clocks, glass, collections of paintingsunique icon collections and folk costumes from all ethnographic groups.

Its tourist attractions include: Every year for over seven hundred years on the turn of July and August is held St.

Several legends are connected with the Tower. One can become acquainted with the history of Lublin at its peak in the multimedia museum that operates from the Fortuna Cellars located underground in one of the town houses in the Market Square.

Here we go, let's start learning Polish:

The university has over PhD students. In Poland live around a quarter of the entire world population of white storks. Here are to found several cemeteries, two museums, eateries and objects of cultural interest monuments, sculptures etc.

So why have some of them changed their shape? For gingerbread of course! It is the headquarters for many companies and institutions. This is why Kalisz is considered to be the oldest Polish town.

It is difficult these days to believe that the territory of Poland and neighbouring countries was once covered in forest, which slowly gave way to agricultural land, villages and towns.

These were not only Poles but also Armenians, Greeks and Jews. Reaching the top is a source of satisfaction for every mountain lover.

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This is one of the best preserved fortifications in Poland. There is no stranger forest in the whole of Poland!

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Once there was a whole castle in Kruszwica, built by Kazimierz the Great around So what is Torun most famous for? The pier is named after John Paul II. Here are numerous ski lifts and cross-country tracks, as well as two ski jumps, where the Polish national ski jump team train.

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Here are numerous camp sites, resorts and small ports. This figure is modelled on Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro but it is 6 metres taller.

This Beskid peak is at a height of metres above sea level. The National Stadium was completed in with a view to the European Football Championships in With this in mind a km water route has been established, while on the banks are prepared campsites and viewing points.

On the anniversary of the battle 15th July re-enactment societies from Poland and abroad recreate the Battle of Grunwald.