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The show and Danilo hit the top 3 Trending Topics on Twitter for two days.

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In Tom Phillips's article, Gentili is named a comedian that leads a revolution "a highly controversial but also wildly popular comedian who is blazing a trail for stand-up comedy in South America's largest nation, is a man who enjoys living on the edge.

The show was documented and was later available in DVD in What was supposed to be a temporary job for Danilo, turned out to be a great starting point for him on TV.

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He has built his reputation on a willingness to ask celebrities — and especially politicians — questions that are considered embarrassing, outrageous or disrespectful. He was show danilo gentili online dating with Bill Maher in and Jon Stewart in But if they don't, damn it.

The show had Ultraje a Rigor as the supporting band, had comedy dating sediment cores, stand-up monologue, round-table with comedians talking about development news and Brazilian stars as the main guests.

His approach isn't always subtle, sometimes abusing the powers that be in terms that would make Frankie Boyle blanch — as when he suggested the Brazilian president, a former victim of brutal state torture, had brought it upon herself — but it's won him a considerable domestic following among those who find his uncompromising style a breath of fresh air.

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He was later physically assaulted by a senator's bodyguard. Gentili, 32, who has just been given a late-night talk show on the Bandeirantes network. One day they'll understand it in Brazil, too, I hope," he said.

At the occasion, he was honored by the show, which he was a part of for 4 seasons. The show became famous due to "Inexperienced Reporter" Reporter Inexperientea part of the show where Danilo pretended to be a newbie interviewing guests and asking them all kinds of senseless questions.

Volume 1[ edit ] Considered a great surprise for the Brazilian comedy, Danilo sees the world in a very peculiar way. In the article, that brings to attention the advances of Brazilian technology, Gentili is presented as an influential comedian online, with more than 2 million Twitter followers.

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With his stubble, baseball cap and habitual bleary-eyed look, he's like a shabbier version of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. It's just like Las Vegas.

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Also, in another story he was held prisoner by the police after exposing a public school's administration problems. In the years Danilo was covering stories in the National Congress, he starred in what later became newsworthy stories.

At the Congress he became that reporter that every politician was afraid of.

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This will keep happening. Danilo Gentili naturally seems to know the recipe of the genre: Os Fatos Espetaculares do Ano[ edit ] Danilo Gentili created and host this comic retrospective quizz about news highlights. With a humorous and critical view of events, he builds his shows from the common life: First aired on TV Band on 18 December Gentili, 32, is the enfant terrible of comedy in Brazil.

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He satirizes Brazilian political system and the uncommitted politically biased. So they don't owe allegiance to anyone. It was raised in the middle of a desert for those who seek easy money".

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So far, the answer is no. Will that format succeed in taming him?

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After years of performing in bars and theaters, Danilo selected the tested and approved material by his audience and put together an hour long solo show.

Even so, in June he became host of a late-night talk show on a national network and the big question now is: This late-night talk show premiered on June on TV Band and got high ratings with great reviews.

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He was kicked out of the National Congress and banned from returning due to his questions on the chamber's president corruption charges. If people get on TV they'll earn more money, even better.

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He always appears defending the establishment. The show premiered with great ratings and reviews, both from the media and from the viewers.

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They tried to avoid being ridiculed when faced with his questions and being confronted with truths which the viewers themselves would like to do so.

After a while he started doing more than that on the show. About him, The New York Times wrote: He went on to interview people all over, especially about politics.