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Photo Mode is the topmost of the these icons, with a picture of a camera.

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Hooligan supervision specialist 5: Manage your basic needs just like in The Sims games. Direct one of the characters to go to work by using the stairwell and selecting "Go to Work" or wait for one of them to decide to go on their own.

You keep your clothes in the chest of drawers.

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It is lowered by performing various household chores, such as cleaning, washing dishes, vacuuming, and repairs. This will improve [Female character's name]'s hygiene. An autosave is made that you can continue the next time you run the game. Travelling hair-care salesman 2: Not many objects either, I'm trying to get my flat mates to do group actives but there are only a few objects that they can use together.

A chair needs to be at an open spot at flirtomatic cws 25000 kitchen table for a character to be able to eat a meal. Lisa is a great sport. Messy people like to take it more easily and try to work as little as possible.

Once they able to do so you can convert the second bedroom into a study.

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Now its time to do some relationship development. She's the 'girl next door', a great best friend - she might work as a photographer, a secretary, on a newspaper or in a cafe. D In game description: The male character walks to the living room area and the following game dialog appears.

Click on either the swimsuit or the casual outfit. She's always ready for a party or even a session playing computer games. You're a good laugh.

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Fun In game description: As you play the game you'll have them develop a relationship while sharing the load of the mundane tasks such as such as cooking, cleaning, and household repairs. In order from left to right they are: I'll fix that later, but there are a couple of house rules I want to tell you first.

Always forgets the punchline. Increased levels decrease repair time. Employee in a biotechnology company 4: The following dialog comes up: Needs to be unlocked by completing Story Mode.

Hold down the mouse wheel and move round until you can see [Male character's name]. Has learned not to put fingers in sockets. Graphics are good, except a little buggy as one reviewer mentioned, but it probably give you a decent idea how TS2 will run on your system.

City Girl Life

The plus icon adds the additional pose handles it them becomes a minus icon that takes them away. Click on the unoccupied chair at the kitchen table and click "Take a load off". This file will not appear unless the game has been saved at least once.

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Linda is a hip urban girl and a creative genius. Your characters will be comfortable being seen naked when one of these conditions it met: Flirt Up Your Life has lots of similarities to the The Sims series of games and is the first game in the Singles game series.

Click on the stove, and click "Switch on". Skips work, gets full pay nobody notices. Get your coat youve pulled. Ideally both characters are eating at the same time for some conversations. Head of a marketing company Nicolas 1: The sexual needs go from full to zero in 96 hours of game time.

Cancel all other queued up commands to proceed to the dialog or just wait for it to reach the top of the queue. Raise by engaging in Friendship and Romantic conversations. Only five more days to Friday night. Brush your teeth at the bathroom sink to satify.

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Student of biochemistry 2: A mature life simulation game. Click on a box and click on the 'Unpack a Box' button to see what is inside. Repeat the process until all of the boxes are unpacked.

Just click the item, then click and hold the left button to make the item give you a twirl. Have a shower or a bath to satify.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

You character will go down the stairwell to get the pizza and bring in back to the kitchen table where they'll proceed to "Eat pizza" satisfying the hunger need. Natasha is an enigmatic and seductive woman.

Using this triggers the marriage dialogs.