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Tails' Nightmare

Master Zik 's fruit is replaced with Gulpo. Trivia Trivia sections are bad Try and incorporate this information into the main article.

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Zor 's owl mech is replaced with Jackle. Zavok 's dragon mech is replaced with Gillwing. From the sky, no less.

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Sonic's level in Version 5. Have you ever wondered what Sonic.

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The Game Over screen shows Tails, Knuckles, and Robotnik's severed heads on wooden stakes with their eyes ripped out. Inbetween Master Zik and Zeena's fights is another "mach speed" section with more Blue Chips and yellow rings. If you happen to reach the end of a level while in dark world mode, instead of the goal, you'll find him just laying on the floor, smirking.

Sonic's Nightmare

It will reappear after the player scores anotherpoints. Then don't click this link. He taunts you in one of the creepiest ways possible about how he'll catch you and make you suffer, and ends the video delivering his classic catchphrase followed by an unholy Evil Laugh.

Zazz 's Moon Mech is replaced with Puffy.

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Through a paraloop portal trap set up by Reala, Sonic is thrown into a boss rush in which he must refight the first encounters of each member of the Deadly Six with their mechs reskinned into Wizeman's second level Nightmarens: The rest of the Zone is one last "mach speed" section where Sonic runs with NiGHTS and flies through clusters of yellow rings, giving him up to rings, before releasing Nightopians from a Nights Capture at the end, which count as Animals.

Special mention goes to Knuckles' body for being hung by his entrails.

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You have to run through a static, empty void that turns into the seizure-inducing Giygas background with the persistent screaming of somebody being tortured throughout. See the manual of style to find out why. Better hope the bastard doesn't get you into an unwinnable situation!

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This is the image, by the way. If you don't want to have all the scary moments spoiled, you shouldn't be reading this page.

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Super Sonic cannot be used in this level. Sure this story might have a slightly mixed receptionbut there's still a bit horror lying within Zomom 's totem block is replaced with one of Wizeman's hands.

Even if you walk into him, he does nothing but stare through the fourth wall until his chase mode starts.

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Zeena 's snowmen are replaced with Clawz and his mouse fireworks, and is fought without the snowball gimmick. Since Versionthe game over screen is replaced with another nightmarish imagewhich features Sonic.

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