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Carmarthenshire County Council Carmarthenshire became an administrative county with a county council taking over functions from the Quarter Sessions under the Local Government Act Meet gay christian singles to the Census InCarmarthen Castle was recaptured by the Parliamentarians, and Oliver Cromwell ordered it to be slighted.

Inthe Clynderwen community council area was transferred to the administrative county of Pembrokeshire. The demand for woollen cloth declined in the twentieth century and so did the industry. The south coast contains many fishing villages and sandy beaches.

There is little trace of these industrial activities today. Malcolm Campbell being the first to break the record in The River Teifi forms much of the border between Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, and there are a number of towns in the Teifi Valley which have communities living on either side of the river and hence in different counties.

CarmarthenDinefwr and Llanelli. Twenty-two years later this amalgamation was reversed when, under the Local Government Wales Actthe original county boundaries were reinstated.

The fort at Carmarthen dates from around 75 AD, and there is a Roman amphitheatre nearby, so this probably makes Carmarthen the oldest continually occupied town in Wales. The triathlon is two-thirds done. The unusual Hywel Dda Gardens and Interpretive Centre located in the west of the county has its six gardens each representing a section of the legal world.

The surface generally is upland and mountainous.

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The sectors involved would be in the "creative industries, tourism, agri-food, advanced manufacturing, energy and environment, and financial and professional services". Carmarthenshire is the largest historic county by area in Wales. Carmarthen was speed dating carmarthenshire wales susceptible to plague as it was brought in by flea-infested rats on board ships from southern France.

Merchants imported food and French wines and exported wool, pelts, leather, lead and tin. The day is good: Although Llanelli is by far the largest town in the county, the county town remains Carmarthen, mainly due to its central location.

We follow her back to Pendine and go for our first transitional treat in the beachfront cafe. The sands are pretty busy these days, too: For those interested in the history of gold, the Dolaucothi Gold Mines on the hillside of the beautiful Cothi Valley conducts tours which cover the history and skills needed to pan gold, lectures about underground mining, and you can view gold on exhibition.

These include farm tourism, rural crafts, specialist food shops, farmers' markets and added-value food products.


The principal industries are agriculture, forestry, fishing and tourism. The sunshine of the morning has sadly gone, but the road is quiet. Then Sophie reappears, full of running and completely energised by the clifftop path.

It was here that land speed records used to be attempted: This area is also bypassed by the main communication routes into Pembrokeshire. On improved pastures, dairying is important and in the past, the presence of the railway enabled milk to be transported to the urban areas of England.

The best agricultural land is in the broad Tywi Valley, especially its lower reaches. Country towns in the more agricultural part of the county still hold regular markets where livestock is traded. CarmarthenLlanelli and Dinefwr. However, when his support dwindled, the principal men of the county returned their allegiance to King Henry V.

In the late medieval period the county's fortunes varied, as good and bad harvests occurred, increased taxes were levied by England, there were episodes of plagueand recruitment for wars removed the young men.

Local cuisine or international menus are available in the abundant range of hostelries and restaurants throughout the county.

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For the next three years he and Welshman John Parry Thomas battled to hold the record until Thomas died in a crash on the sands in Fforest Fawr and Black Mountain extend into the east of the county and the Cambrian Mountains into the north. Carmarthenshire has something for everyone, and the locals love tourists, going out of their way to make you welcome.

Eventually, however, I pop out above Pendine and negotiate the steep drop back into the village. Kevin Rushby In honour of Thomas we decide to do our triathlon backwards, starting from Pendine, five miles down the road.

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For speed heads and those interested in the history of world land speed records, Pendine Sands is the place for you. The Welsh hills are full of wayward, rollercoaster lanes and a couple of wrong turns leave me bamboozled.

The village of Dre-fach Felindre at one time contained twenty-four mills and was known as the "Huddersfield of Wales". His car, Babs, is in the Museum of Speed in Pendine, sadly closed the day we visit.

Kidwelly had a tin-plating industry in the eighteenth century, with Llanelli following not long after, so that by the end of the nineteenth century, Llanelli was the world-centre of the industry.

History[ edit ] Stone tools found in Coygan Cavenear Laugharne indicate the presence of homininsprobably neanderthalsat least 40, years ago, [2] though, as in the rest of the British Islescontinuous habitation by modern humans is not known before the end of the Younger Dryasaround 11, years BP.

Under the Local Government Actthe administrative county of Carmarthenshire was abolished on 1 April and the area of Carmarthenshire became three districts within the new county of Dyfed: The landscape changed as much woodland was cleared to make way for more food production, and mills, power stations, mines and factories sprang up between Llanelli and Pembrey.

From the beautiful Cambrian Mounts in the north of the county, to the majestic Black Mountain, and the national park at Brecon Beacons, and picturesque Tywi Valley in the east, visitors can plan their trip with detailed information from the highly qualified staff at the various tourist information centres scattered around Carmarthenshire.

Carmarthenshire has a long coastline which is deeply cut by the estuaries of the Loughor in the east and the Gwendraeth, Tywi and Taf, which enter the sea on the east side of Carmarthen Bay.

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Population levels have thus dipped and then increased again over the course of eighty years. Here water-power provided the energy to drive the looms and other machinery at the mills.

It was here that the incomparable Malcolm Campbell broke three land speed records, and the nearby Pendine Museum of Speed has the vehicles he used on display. A peregrine falcon swoops over the dunes, passing a kestrel and a buzzard. After lunch, I get my bike out of the car and set off on a 40km loop inland, heading back through Laugharne and up into the hills.

Accommodation is not a problem with a choice of hotels, hostels, inns, bed and breakfast properties and private houses for rent, and all of these cater for the whole range of budgets.

The population density in Carmarthenshire is 0.

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