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Adult Party Cartoon's overwhelmingly negative reception severely damaged John Kricfalusi's and Ren and Stimpy's reputation, and is considered the primary reason why Ren and Stimpy did not get a reboot or revival from Nickelodeon, meaning that all fitocracy quests disabled dating 's Nicktoons will come back without Ren and Stimpy, meaning Paramount rejected and cancelled the idea for the Ren and Stimpy theatrical cartoon for the third SpongeBob movie coming insaddening older and newer Ren and Stimpy fans.

He predicted it would be cancelled quickly and his prediction came true much to his surprise. It's nice to know that creators can occasionally give their twisted imaginations free reign, but these six misadventures offer sufficient proof that a little restraint can go a long way.

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Reception and Criticism Edit Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes ". However due to the overwhelmingly negative reviews and aggressively angry hate from both old and newer fans and critics of Ren and Stimpy, Spike TV cancelled it after three episodes leaving the remaining half of the series unaired and several others unproduced, including "Life Sucks.

The stories even came from the first two seasons of the show, but added stuff that the executive thought would be more South Park.

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Kricfalusi's satire may be obvious, but he's not just making puke jokes for nausea's sake. That was always kind of in the originals, but it was more of a double entendre thing. So put stuff in for adults.

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Edit In the show Ren and Stimpy are portrayed as a bisexual couple who go off and do random things similar to the original show. The original voice of Stimpy Billy West turned the role down as he thought it was a terrible idea and disliked the first script he was sent.

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Episodes For the list of the episodes click here. Six episodes were fully produced. Trivia Edit The show was originally going to have a second season.

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He claimed that Spike mandated more gross out humor, saying "I wasn't given license, I was kind of forced to, I just wanted to make it the way I always did. However, all of them are uncensored.

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But I never tried to be nearly crass, certainly, nowhere near is as crass as modern prime time cartoons". Just let me do it and collect the money afterwards.

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Stimpy was then was voiced by Eric Bauza. They're a few scenes that I would take out if I had my own way.