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But that depends on each individual Go to Homepage now! Please avoid long water contact! Visit our ultra modern studio where you will find a nice comfortable atmosphere with a friendly, courteous, and multilingual staff.

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As well, with autoclave sterilization, ultrasonic cleaners, and the many surface disinfections products used, you will find that we maintain a high standard of hygiene. The minimum price is SFr You can take our tattoo designs and visit your local tattoo shop whether you live in Spain or Venice beach or Hollywood California.

We do have tattoos of Jesus though.

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We want tattoo artists to help our database grow, so please submit some of your tattoo art! Please feel free to ask, we are always more than happy to help! Share your ideas and thoughts with us and together we can create a custom design specially for you.

Naturally, it can cost you more Gold, Titanium, Niobium, Stainless steel, Bone, and precious woods in all sizes, shapes and colors.

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Therefore, keep an eye out for our studio checklist - because only a clean, hygienically perfect studio can earn your unlimited confidence. Remember, that a tattoo is forever and good art is priceless You alone are now responsible for the healing process of your Tattoo Most common asked questions Autoclave Sterilization, single use needles Clean, hygienic work areas Private and discreet Appointments preferred, Walk-ins accepted We offer the largest selection of body jewelry in Switzerland from all over the world.

Why can I not get tattooed? We have sailor tattoos, anchor tattoos, Buddhist tattoos. You alone are responsible for the proper healing of your new tattoo. On the following pages we would like to give you specifically helpful tips and important information concerning piercing and aftercare.

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All needles are 1 time use, individually packed and dated to ensure sterility. A small to medium sized tattoo can cost you between SFr In this studio you can find that we take pride in our effort to insure that you are always guaranteed that your tattoo was done in a safe, clean, sterile manner.

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