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Suzy singing to hee chul dating, the k-pop star released her debut solo ep in january 201

He completed his military training in Girlfriend Mystery Girl Heechul has a special someone for 2 years now, though the identity of the girl is neither disclosed by Heechul nor confirmed by his agency.

He is waiting to meet such a girl in his lifetime to start the love life of his dreams. There have been reports that Heechul had a special someone for a couple of years but the identity of the girl was never disclosed by Heechul or his agency. He is very generous, punctual and loves to imitate others for fun.

[ENG] 111005 Miss A's Suzy Sings Goodbye Heechul

How he thinks about marriage He is interested in Love amd wants to show everyone that he will get married. As he is playful guy, he loves girls who can adjust to his short temper nature.

Furthermore, Heechul was rumored to have a relationship with a model named IVY. They are keen watching the change of his styles. Smart guy with short tempered nature. He loves travel but not driving.

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He is a singer, actor, model and also plays piano and drums. In return, the reporter asked the Super Junior member one personal question - the women he has dated. He loves to travel to calm, beautiful places along with his loved one. Heechul said that he feels very nervous whenever he holds hands with a girl he likes.

He wants his woman to compensate him at both extreme characters like sensitivity visually impaired singles dating playfulness.

Lee Dong Wook and Suzy are dating

Fans are more concerned about his physical appearance than his love life. Surprisingly, it is not the number many have been expecting from him. Heechul was also once caught holding hands with a girl named Yerin. He had a car accident on 10th August and got his leg fractured.

As always, Heechul refused to drop a name. Heechul is a member of the popular South Korean boy group Super Junior.

I've actually dated a variety of different stars!

Miss A alum Suzy to release new solo EP

Later he joined the ten members group and formed the Super Junior. His first TV show was telecasted and named as Banolim 2. At first inhe was placed in a four-member group named Four Seasons, but ended up joining SM Entertainment in and Super Junior later on.

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First, Heechul asked Joo what it's like to interview one of the most powerful and influential people in South Korea. He loves girls with attractive appearances and concerned a lot about appetite. Heechul was then forced to choose between So Hee and Momo.

Heechul wants to spend enjoyable time with his loved one before getting married. Using this label he released album with his own lyrics.


Heechul admitted that it is in fact in one digit. He mentioned that he prefers girls that are not famous as they would make his heart flutter.

Longing for a girl with real Love and caring attitude who can make his life to be a blessed one. He is a polite person by nature. A speculation arose when Heechul and Yunho from DBSK were spotted shopping together, but there was no oficial confirmation regarding their relationship.

Meanwhile, Heechul, along with some of his Super Junior co-members have previously revealed their celebrity crushes and who they wish to get married to. In the end, he chose So Hee.

[ENG] 111005 Miss A's Suzy Sings Goodbye Heechul

However, it was later revealed that she is not his girlfriend but only a co-star in a film. He used to delete the contacts of those who did not reply to his messages. Ex Girlfriend Yerin at Coex He was also caught holding hands with a girl named Yerin, but the media stated that she was not his girlfriend but his but one of his co-actors in a film.

His Ideal situation of dating He loves to date and wants to travel to Jeju island along with his girlfriend. Later that year, he started his career again in November. He seems to give more importance to physical looks. In he became a part of subgroup Super junior-T.

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I've dated enough to not fall behind others," Heechul responded. He is looking for a girl who cooks wellall varieties of food with yummy taste. His passion made him get back on stage within a short period after his recovery.

Heechul Reveals Which "Knowing Bros" Member He Would Introduce His Younger Sister To

He is more fond of Jeju island where the atmosphere gives him the romantic mood for the dating. Introduction Kim Hee-chul was born on July 10th of He got a good support when he changed his hair style. Heechul is a very sensitive person.

I even sang 'Let You Go' for her back then," Heechul captioned the photo. His Ideal type of woman Girls who wear skirts, cook well,single eye lids, with tied hair. Even if he was paired to some girls, Heechul never admitted any of those speculations and focused on his career and education.

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Although he is frequently linked with several women, Heechul remains mum about his personal relationship. How his fan think about his lover Since no confirmed information regarding his lover there is no reaction by his fans. But some of his fans hope that he will find the love of his life and live happily.

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It was my first time seeing her since Come To Play in