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We can't wait to have our family New Year's Eve celebration again this year! I have heard that the kids didn't really like the New Year's resolutions, so I will be doing something different for the first bag.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids

Inside each bag, I placed a scroll with a clue to our activity for that hour as well as some type of little trinket for the girls. We plan to do this same celebration again this year.

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New Year's printable 6 p. Let me know in the comments, and feel free to leave links so I can check them out! Maybe my dad will join us if he decides to come home at a decent hour.

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For example, you might ask questions like how many times did they travel out of town together and what was the funniest thing that happen to them.

Write down a bunch of questions related to marriage and the new year.

New Year's Eve Party — All for the Boys

The couples take turns picking the questions out of a hat and asking them of each other. Find the recipe and tutorial on House of Joyful Noise. Just get ready for bed, then time for some wii family fun!

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Such a fun and simple way to reminisce! The night went so fast and we had so much fun!

New Year Games for Married Couples | Our Everyday Life

I love this, and it would make such fun and unique wall decor all year through! You will need both pages in order to make the clocks for your bags.

Another fun idea is to make family vision boards together! These colorful Paper Plate Noise Makers from Kix Cereal are super cute and look very simple to make, especially with slightly older kids.

40+ Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Another idea is to quiz couples on celebrity couples who dated, were married, broke up or had a baby in the past year.

Noise makers 10 p. After all, I only intended to round up ten ideas, so……yeah. Invite other couples and plan a variety of entertaining games that will have everyone laughing their way into the new year. It's time to work on New Year's resolutions!

Family Friendly New Years Eve Ideas

They are cute, festive, and cheap to make! Couples take turns picking a gift and opening it. Party blowers 9 p. Great for birthdays too! Time to pick a board game and play, play, play! Collect the cards, and then read each aloud one a time, while the rest of the party-goers try to guess who wrote each card.

The Best Family New Years Eve Ideas on Pinterest

Charades Play a couples version of charades, with each couple playing as a team. They loved the flashlight limbo and can't wait to do that again. Time for bed…just kidding. I think I am too lazy to ever actually execute it. Each clock has 3 parts the clock face and two colored circles to back the clock face.

Whoever is able to get to the actual gift during his or her turn gets to keep it.