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Toy chica death scene hook up. Five nights at freddy's 2 / funny - tv tropes

(SFM) FNAF 2 Toy Chica's Death Scene

Yet he still powered on regardless. I'm gonna be screwed! And by the end of the game, only Toy Freddy didn't get him. That is not okay!

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Print using your browser's Print function. This probably isn't the best choice of a summer job, since you most likely won't survive the week. Make sure it has not been resized by your browser you might need to click the image again.

Old Bonnie suddenly disappears and the lights come back on What the fucking fuck?! The first time Old Bonnie manages to get into the office and catches him without his mask.

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And he looks fairly cheerful too. She has a few stray "feathers" that stick out from the top of her head. Old Bonnie is also a good laugh.

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Bonnie also look like he's slumped on the floor like a stereotypical drunk, while Chica looks like she got completely wasted. Some of the animatronics look absolutely ridiculous when they are in your doorway. Before Bonnie and Chica start hunting you, they just sit there creepily.

He tells you that winding it up keeps the animatronics from coming to look for you. The game references blanca nieves y sus 7 enanitos online dating of the memes the original gave way to.

What was I supposed to do, with him douching up the place?!

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Back on Night 4 she got into the office but proceeded to stay on the ceiling doing nothing except making her static noises for an entire minute, frustrating and distracting Mark enough to be killed by Withered Bonnie.

By Night 4, all the bots have pretty much had a piece of him. Toy Bonnie giving the player a huge, placid wide-irised stare into one of the cameras is a very welcome switch from that terrifying Death Glare from a black-eyed backstage-lurking Bonnie in the first game. Without her beak, her endoskeleton teeth, which resemble human teeth, are visible.

So I just gotta hold still?

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If you're lucky enough, you can actually make it to 6 AM just as a few of the bots start to go into their kill screens. Which means Freddy has the programming to put on his hat every night. Your rewards for completing any one Custom Night preset include plush toys of the original animatronics even one of Golden Freddy.

He's wearing his hat. Dan TDM played this game, and he played it in the dark, with a Minecraft torch as his only light source.

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But probably the best of all is Foxy. Makes a bummed face at the camera. But it would be unlikely. Markiplier completely and entirely shits himself around the bots.

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Her second pose when she's with Foxy, though, isn't quite as humorous. The Mangle takes up perch on the ceiling on Night 5. Just like the original Chica, Toy Chica has a bib.

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No swearing, including censored or abbreviations. Can you say "denied! Mangle deserves a mention for her pose when she's alone or with any animatronic besides Foxy. Toy Freddy's second animation looks like he's trying to figure out what you look like, more than trying to threaten you.

She has blushed cheeks, like the other Toy animatronics, though hers are pink rather than red. Marionette attacks him Very very soon! Save for Foxy, who's fairly sober, angry at his treatment, and wants to eat your head.

It's because they're literally nonsense used to pad out the white space. Especially when they get up, they act like if nothing's wrong. But then he tells you it doesn't affect all of the characters, but it does affect Now that I've died to everybody, can I move on please?

Or the Shadow Animatronics.

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However, she removes them once she leaves the stage, and she can be seen beakless and eyeless, save for her endoskeleton eyes, as seen through the cameras in various rooms. If you leave a comment, be respectful.

He looks like he's passed out drunk on the floor.

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I saw Golden Freddy! Her brightly-lit upside-down head, open-mouthed smile, and hand position looks like she's saying "Wuzzap? When you shine the light on him, he looks like he's sleepwalking.

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Unlike her counterpart, Toy Chica has a noticeably curvy body, rather than simply round and ovular, as is the original Chica's. Click on the papercraft design image.

Whilst he is partly shrouded in shadow, his slightly absent stare and tilted head makes it look as if he is vaguely drunk.