Trey Songz talks engagement, August Alsina and listening to his music while doing it Trey Songz talks engagement, August Alsina and listening to his music while doing it

Trey songz and august alsina dating, august doesn’t like trey’s ego and attitude

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I know where his heart is. I spoke to him this morning.

August Alsina Addresses Trey Songz Feud, Cursing On BET's " & Park" | HipHopDX

Peep excerpts from the interview below: I assume your ex-girlfriend got married? I actually posted on my Instagram like nine pictures of the throwback moment; me, Chris, Nicki, Drake and a whole bunch of people. This, that, and the other.

Big had Pac, as far as music is concerned, you had that pushing the culture forward.

August Comes Over

Relationships that people try to pry into I try to keep people out of outside of the music that I love to make.

Earlier in an interview I said I rock with dude. A lot of those records are still on the album. You gotta have this beef and that beef and this quarrel.

I believe in him.

Alsina clapped back at Trey on Instagram

I was able to jump off stage and f—k n—as up and not get sued for it. In this album, I am speaking about a lot of different things. Just seeing him go from this little energetic kid that loved everything about it to where he is now. I actually added some records as well.


He was so much younger than me when we first got in the game. I remember him just blowing up. Have you in your feelings.

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I was on that, but I think my temper might have been worse than his. The trajectory in my career was much slower than his.

He was 16 and I was Chris and I, we actually did our first tour together.

Trey Songz and August Alsina Imagines

Who are you talking about? People pry into everything. Have I been in love? Nah, I love Helen to death. Am I having sex after a party with three girls sometimes?

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The two that met his mom. This is my time. He came out on that tour and probably did like eight dates on like a show run. He actually text me this morning.

You got Katy Perry on trap drums. On why his bond with Chris Brown is so tight: During his stay, Trey spoke on not having beef with August Alsina, his relationship with Chris Brown, being in love only twice in his life and more.

Dating History

His was much more gradual. You had the fact that it was two greats.

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I give you my music and I give you so much of me just outside of what it is that I do within my life; taking care of my family and CEO of my company. Like I said I want to see us all successful. I was able to embrace and deal with things differently.