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Henley and he wrote a draft and provided it to Byrne, then did not hear back from him for about a year.

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Shortly afterward, Byrne invited Henley and Tobolowsky over to his house and showed them a collection of hundreds of drawings he had made and put up on his wall. Later, Byrne released an album containing primarily instrumental music from the soundtrack titled Sounds from True Storiesthough it was never released on CD.

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Byrne incorporated this story into his rewrite, using it as the basis for Ramon's psychic powers and the song "Radio Head. He had been intrigued by the idea of making a movie based on the premise, "What if all these stories were true?

While several of the cast performances were released as bonus tracks on inch single releases, no full album of cast performances has been released yet.

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However, he asked Tobolowsky and Henley for permission to list their names ahead of his as scriptwriters so the movie would seem less like a "vanity project. As such, the album is not generally considered a true soundtrack album, a fact Byrne points out in his liner notes on the release.

As such, few of the original versions of songs from the film have found release.

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Coincidentally, the final hit of Pops Staples' group, The Staple Singerswas a cover of Talking Heads' "Slippery People," which was released two years before this film. Similarly, the video for "Love for Sale" is the same as that seen in the film in which Kurtz's character is shown watching it on TV except the video version has additional footage of Talking Heads, more references to recognizable TV commercials of the day, and no intercuts to any of the film characters.

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It later turned out that Byrne had rewritten their script almost entirely, keeping only a few lines and the sesquicentennial framework from the first draft.

Talking Heads released an album titled True Stories in which the band performs most of the songs from the film, including songs that were performed by the actors in the movie. He explained they were based on clippings he had scrapbooked from tabloids as the band had been on tour.