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Congratulations to the how do you hook up a tow bar Robertson clan. Janel and Valentin were just a point away from the top of the leaderboard after Val admitted pushing his partner hard in rehearsals for their foxtrot to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.

A proposal!

She let out a shriek when she discovered they had won high scores for the night Quickly regaining herself, she stood and bowed, saying: However, last Monday's episode featured Janel Parrish and Valentin Chmerkovskiy sharing a passionate kiss right on the dance floor, and many are speculating that the two are actually dating for real.

His scores were good all season. I could watch you dance forever. She ran her thumb over my slick pee hole as she watched and I listened to the movie she starred in, the movie I watched as she jerked me off. She swooned about loving the dance pro after he tried to cheer her up following a disastrous debut on the show Cheeky girl: The deck was definitely stacked in this case.

Val Dating Janel

Seems like a very nice guy. Singers from HawaiiActresses from Honolulu and 21st-century American pianists.

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As for the dating rumors, a source of the website claims, "Janel wants something to happen but it's still for the cameras. But they could not compete with Back To The Future star Lea Thompson whose jive had at least one judge falling over with praise.

He all ready was a dancer, Sadie on the other hand, is the one who learned and improved the most over the course of this show.

Who Won ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fall ? Season 19 Winner! | Dancing With the Stars : Just Jared

No more last shot. Tonioli was pilling no punches with his trademark brutally honest judging style Easily swayed: Janel Parrish and Valentin Chmerkovskiy lit up the dance floor after she admitted she had fallen for the ballroom hunk on Dancing With The Stars She was seen tenderly touching his cheek, kissing him on the lips - and clearly heard saying: Betsey Johnson was overjoyed after undergoing a minor renaissance Not bad for a year-old: Despite the fact that Parrish has a boyfriend.

Gretta Congrats to Alfonso!! Roberta Davidson Get over yourself, Alphonso was always a dancer. They do it every season. He should never have been a contestant on the show at all. LaQuita James Alfonso was way better than Sadie.

Kathy Disagree some ways,thinking popularity carried Alfonson a long way plus of course being a pro dancer with years of dancing almost a shoo in to win.


Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. But the judges all accused him of relying on his best moves rather than adapting to the style in question. The glided around the dance floor as they delivered their best performance yet Quaking in her boots: Marle is part of the Guardia royal family. Shaktigor 4 Comments Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish have been heating up the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars, and apparently they have heated up backstage as well.

Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' Fall 2014? Season 19 Winner!

Half of the scores come from the fans. Janel Parrish dating history, list of Janel Parrish relationships. I'm surprised you finished standing.

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They play as a couple in front of the cameras and art might be imitating life if Janel gets her way," the insider told Hollywood Life. Pretty Little Mars If this was a popularity contest Sadie or Janel would have won… Alfonso is a fantastic dancer and had consistently high scores all season, the most perfect scores out of all the contestants might I add.

The couple who deserved to win was Val and Janel and if not win they deserved second place!!

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Was your dad ok with that routine? The kiss was part of America's choice in which viewers get to have a say in the routines, and they voted for Parrish and Chmerkovskiy to kiss at the end of the dance.

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Maybe they should have 2 shows one for people who have never danced and the other show for people who have some dance experience. As Janel admitted to disappointment at her scores in week one, the cameras caught the Pretty Little Liars star having an intimate moment with shirtless Val after he reassured her they had it all to dance for.

God forbid she bought ones with wheels either.

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Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson seemed to have a fresh bill of health this week Duck hunt: She showed remarkable suppleness as she went through her routine Betsey movingly put it all down to dance pro Tony Dovalani.

The look of love: She will be pleased after getting generally positive reviews from the judges The most unusual praise of the night came for former underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr.

Roberta Davidson He was always a dancer,professionally. Former DWTS champion Julianne Hough was surprisingly lenient on contestents The biggest transformation - and perhaps loudest applause - came for quirky fashion designer Betsey Johnson who was almost voted off after a wardrobe malfunction left their routine in week one in complete shambles.

Couple reveal how their daughter was almost taken into care Oh val dating janel sucks Rissy.

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This show is supposed to be about who learns the most,and improves the most over the course of the show. It was cute but I want to bring out the other side of Randy. They have been photographed together on Halloween, and they were even together on her birthday wherein the pro dancer gave her 26 balloons and a bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion.

John Moore You had to get that in about looting and burning where none of it was called for,and worse, about a stupid assed dance show.

Janel seemed apprehensive as she waited for the judges to deliver their verdict Tickling her fancy: Free sign up cp newsletter! But instead of a simple peck, the kiss turned passionate as the audience applauded them.