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Validating phrases, information block about the term

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The state is reset to Validation Failures, and the number of accepted translations in the Items column of the Context view is decremented by 1.

However, in some cases the character will not make sense in the target language, and it must be changed.

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Conflicts with other Alt key accelerators must be avoided within a context. Each context is the name of a subclass of QObject. For more information about how to re-sync the translation file with the source files, see Using lupdate. For more information, see Writing Source Code for Validating phrases.

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You can specify whether only entries with no current translation should be considered, and whether batch translated entries should be marked as Accepted. If the number of translatable strings does not match the number of accepted strings, either or both languages have strings that need to be translated or accepted.

Select a string to copy it as the Source text in the translation area. The Qt Linguist main window contains a menu bar and the following views: Viewing Strings in Context If the source files containing the translatable strings are available to Qt Linguist, the Sources and Forms view shows the source context of the current string in the Strings view.

If lupdate changes the contents of a string, its acceptance state is automatically reset to Not Accepted. This barcode is a smaller variant of UPCA. The translator can change the character part of the Alt key accelerator, if the translated phrase does not contain the same character or if that character has already been used validating phrases the translation of some other Alt key accelerator.

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Selecting Validating phrases to Translate The Strings view lists all the translatable strings found in the current context and their translation acceptance state.

It supports only chad le clos yahoo dating, and the last digit is always a checksum which is calculated with modulo They may also be used to perform actions that do not appear in any menu or on any button.

It can have an optional checksum which is calculated with modulo It supports digits, uppercased letters, and the last digit is always a checksum. Changing the Target Locale If the target language and country are not explicitly set, Qt Linguist deducts them from the translation source file name.

The default value depends on the used adapter. If such comments are used, the duplicate phrases appear in the Context view.

Standard Validation Classes

This barcode uses the same standard as EAN12 and is its successor. A phrase book is a set of source phrases, target translated phrases, and optional definitions. To get the actual state you can use getAllowWhiteSpace.

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The state is reset to Not Accepted if the string has a translation, or to No Translation if the string's translation is empty. This standard produces a denser code than CODE39 and is more secure. Qt Linguist displays the target language in the translation area, and adapts the number of input fields for plural forms accordingly.

It is mainly used by the United States Postal Services. Common usecases are within the industry. This barcode must have a length of 13 characters. Then select the next context and continue. Documentation contributions included herein are the copyrights of their respective owners.

Validate definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Not Accepted The string has a translation that passes all the validation tests, but the user has not yet accepted the translation. Forms created by Qt Designer are stored in special UI files.

When you open several TS files to translate simultaneously, the Translator and Translator comment fields are displayed for each language. By using the checksum option you can define if the checksum will be validated or ignored.

Handling Numbered Arguments and Plurals Some phrases contain numbered arguments. This is useful to distinguish different translations of the same source phrase. The phrases are read from phrase books and the guesses are existing translations of similar phrases in the TS file.

This barcode is a variant of EAN barcode. If you detect an error in a phrase book entry that is shown in the Phrases and Guesses view, you can also edit it in place by right clicking on the entry, and selecting Edit.

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To switch validation tests on or off, select Validation or use the toolbar buttons. These barcode can have 7 or 8 characters. It can be found on small articles where a longer barcode could not be printed.

To delete a phrase, select it in the Source phrase list, and then select Remove Entry. It is used worldwide for printed publications. This barcode can have a length of 8 or 13 characters. The whitespace within the source text is visualized so that you can see the spacing required within the text.

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It supports only digits, and the last digit is always a checksum. If multiple phrase books are loaded, you have to select one. This barcode preceeded EAN TS files are human-readable XML files containing source phrases and their translations.

This barcode has no length limitation. You can also navigate using the Translation menu.

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Qt relies on these strings being there. The user has accepted the translation, and the translation passes all the validation tests. These languages are korean, japanese and chinese because this languages are using an alphabet where a single character is build by using multiple characters.

Obsolete The string is obsolete.