Vrushika wishes Shantanu in unique style Vrushika wishes Shantanu in unique style

Vrushika mehta and shantanu dating advice, shantanu and vrushika

Swayam and Sharon decide to keep their relationship a secret.

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Swayam decides to emotionally support Sharon which makes Sharon realize his love for him. After completing his schooling, he graduated from the renowned St.

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When she returns from Delhi, she turns a cold shoulder towards Swayam and also breaks up with him. In an exclusive interview with Shantanu, he revealed that he is too young to have an affair! He was not much interested in dancing before joining HR College but now he has trained in various dance forms ranging from folks to hip hop.

And lastly, regarding Sneha, he says that she is one of his closest friends and there is nothing more than friendship between the two!

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He specializes in popping and liquid waving as well. On the other hand, Sharon is left heartbroken after misunderstandings are created by a guy named Shivam.

He is a very shy and an extremely introverted guy being intelligent and mature at the same time. But the friendship makes Sharon move away from Swayam even more. Swayam is left disheartened at this but still he tries to find the reason behind the breakup.

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The Weaklings face strong resistance from the Dazzlers but after the Footloose competition, the two teams end up becoming friends! Babies Shantanu Maheshwari Girlfriend: The fabulous dancer shares some of his pasand — ita — things as well his fashion fundas with his fans: Swayam is head over heels in love with the college diva Sharon Rai Prakash played by hottie Sneha Kapoor now replaced by Vrushika Mehta who belongs to the Dazzler dance team whereas he himself belongs to the opponent team — the Weaklings.

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He also adds the he is not as mature as his onscreen character. Apart from dancing, the Dil Dosti Dance actor enjoys his female fan following.

Vrushika wishes Shantanu in unique style

Sharon starts developing a soft corner towards Swayam and despite the initial refusal, she accepts his proposal. But her undeniable feelings for Swayam make her reveal the secret that she has asthma to Swayam. This makes them come closer but when he finally musters the courage to ask her out, she rejects it.

Everything goes on smoothly until a rift is created between the two which makes them drift apart.

In real life too, Shantanu is rumored to be dating his co — star Sneha. He attends St Louis College, Mumbai. Swayam is constantly being rebuffed by Sharon but in spite of that he crazy about her. At the age of 22, he can barely take care of himself; let alone of someone else! Swayam therefore decides to forget her and starts behaving coldly with her.

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Besides watching dance reality shows, he is also very fond of watching comedy shows like Comedy Nights with Kapil and Comedy Circus! Yes, girls are crazy about the lovable actor.

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S and The Big Bang Theory! Sharon suffers from asthma and due to this she distances herself from Swayam. In this show he is paired opposite actress Sneha Kapoor who plays the role of Sharon. The two become a couple again. The young actor aspired to become a Chartered Accountant CA at one point of time.

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He portrays the role of an outstanding dancer named Swayam Shekhawat. Currently, Shantanu is in his final year. Being the youngest in his family, responsibilities were never put on him. The teen dance based youth TV series is basically a journey about college students who are passionate about dancing along with the characters going through several emotions including friendship and love!

He loved working with him on his show D3!