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Though not her first shooting as an officer, the loss of life at her hand hits Eddie hard causing her to lose her temper, telling Andy that it was his fault. Contents Biography Personal Admittedly a sheltered, happy kid, Eddie is of mixed Serbian and Hungarian descent and speaks Serbian fluently scoiattolo da colorware online dating to her mother.

He ultimately decides to stay for "as long as the Mayor's head is in his ass" which was remarked as indefinitely. Unwilling to be seen as a victim in her own precinct, she refused to report it but Jamie would not lay off until she finally did.

He tries hard not to judge people, and tends to purse his lips together when hearing bad news or the horrific details of an ongoing case. Patrick's Day and Jamie and Eddie are working the parade beat.

During her recitation of the resulting arrest, she was shown to have a critical fact wrong but refused to change her story, wholeheartedly believing her account to be correct. Not long after, she was put in a highly stressful situation when a suspect she was chasing attempted to strike her with a pipe.

At work the following day jamie gets the guys number out of Eddies phone and writes it down. However, right now, they still do not know whether there is a romance in the future of Jamie and Eddie or, if they know something, they are keeping mum.

They get to the bottom of it. During a demonstration, Jamie is accused of brutality and Eddie is unable to provide testimony that will clear him while remaining truthful, stressing their relationship. But nothing could have prepared him for this Blue Bloods - Rated: Frank was reluctant to promote him, lest tensions between the citizens and the police grow even worse and ultimately offered Officer Sculley a choice: It starts out as them being friends, but after they are hurt and Nicky gets into trouble it leads them to realize how they truly feel about each other.

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While she was not actually correct, she kept her job when the investigation concluded that stress and adrenaline affected her memory of the incident, tricking her mind into believing her version of the story. He mentioned to Cheat Sheet that fans often ask him about it, but he does not know what is in store for the two in "Blue Bloods.

He transferred out of the unit after Greta was shot and killed by a burglar Frank sent her in after.

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It follows their life as they grow closer together. Feisty, independent, and hard to offend, she is passionate about what she believes in and far more hot-tempered than Jamie.

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InOfficer Sculley, who had kept his head down for the last 14 years and made great strides to atone for his horrible rookie mistake, passed the Sergeant's exam with flying colors.

Just a week after her graduation from the Academy in she was partnered with Jamie Reagan out of the 12th Precinct. Early in their partnership Eddie ended up on a date with a man who sexually assaulted her.

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Please Read and Review! Relationships While they have always shown signs of attraction to one another, Eddie and Jamie have worked to keep it professional, even after a night of drinking resulted in a kiss.

At one point she is temporarily assigned a different partner so that Jamie can ride with Officer Walsh who she believed hung her previous partner out to dry. The bullets miss Frank, but hit Mayor Poole, leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

Will they become more than partners? He was eventually promoted to Inspector and placed in command of the 15th Precinct. When eddie opens the door jamie asks what happened, she claims she got into a car accidnet but he doesnt beleive her.

Angry at what she sees as a betrayal of one of their own she makes several disparaging remarks.

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Jimmy Burke Gary Basaraba — Frank's partner while stationed at the 27th Precinct who took a bullet for him. The thanksgiving episode with Baez's brother was involved in her and Danny's case.

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What will Jamie Reagan do for his partner? Eddie and the Reagans have the undesirable task of waiting for news. When Eddie gets overly excited by the prospect of doing detective work and ignores aJamie snaps at her once again feeling that she is damaging their trust. Eddie bonds a little with Jamie's siblings as she waits.

She ends up going home sick when it overwhelms her but Jamie drops by that night giving her the support and comfort she needed.

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Can't wait to be an NYPD! Now winter's almost over, and they still haven't had their date. Jamie's thoughts and actions on the night of Edie's graduation from Probationary Officer, especially after Henry and Danny impart some wisdom. When he looks it up he finds that htey guy has already been charged with rape in the first degree.

Both Ray and Estes are very much aware that fans want their characters to be together on "Blue Bloods" Season 8.

'Blue Bloods' Season 8: Will Jamie & Eddie Finally Start Dating?

Jamie asked Eddie out for ice skating. Her protective comments make her the target of an abduction by the suspect but due to the combined efforts of Danny, Jamie, and Baez she is rescued just in time. Oneshot Blue Bloods - Rated: She is currently engaged to Jamie Reagan. Regardless of their effort to keep it strictly work between them many of their fellow officers think they are sleeping together and they have been questioned on the nature of their relationship several times.

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In season 4 episode 8, jamie goes on a date that ends badly. There's a family crisis and they all gather together at the hospital Blue Bloods - Rated: Things quickly get intense with Eddie trying to help a confused older woman remember details about a potential bomber before he can strike. The Mayor officially asked Frank to re-up in February and he agrees.

In an interview with TV Linethe "Blue Bloods" actress revealed what might be her character's real feelings for her partner. Let me just say that even though I haven't written a Blue Bloods story yet, the show is like my life, and I am an aspiring cop.