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Yaya urassaya and mark prin and kimberly dating,

Urassaya And Mark Prin

Kakatapos ko lang nito nung isang gabi tas ngayon pinapanood ko ulit. PilipinoFanFeels Zen 7 months ago Same!

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They should be OPT. Ugh my heart is so weak now!

Urassaya and mark prin

Do we need to make Petition like what they said? My favorite Korean artist also the songsong couple.

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Allehs Hyung 3 months ago Yes. Nadech and Kim looks good too.

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Song Joongki and Song hye kyo. They look so prefect!!!

Pleaseee Thai fans I wanna see Mark Yaya againnn I ship them so muchhh Maria Angelica Inson 2 months ago Whenever im seing yaya and mark,i felt sad thinking that they can't be couple in real life.

Sweet you Mark and Yaya Maria Angelica Inson 2 months ago Mark and yaya. Angela Humtsoe Humtsoe 9 months ago Best couple. Their chemistry is so strong! I love them so much I really hope they will make a new drama again, to all thai fans of MarkYaya, pls!

Without coincidence, times will come for them to make love each other.

Maria Angelica Inson 2 months ago Grewin Gonzales hai. Hope one day you will be together forever. I know that they're both dating someone else but I really hope that in the future they end up together some how because the two of them they just fit.

Saniya Nadaf 3 months ago You two are the best couple for me.

If I do, I'm so gonna start a petition to make them a couple again in other drama. Honestly their chemistry was so good and I really hope they fall in love IRL. Dana Roselle 2 months ago Are they couple for real?

First thai drama na napanood ko.

I just love you too forever. Loads of love from India!!! Kluen cheewit was the first Thai drama that I ever watched and I absolutely loved it!

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Thailand fanssss pleaseeeee ask themmmmm Derz Miranda 6 months ago My favorite Thai artist. They can be OPT. I know that Mark and Kim, yaya and Nadech are the famous couples in Thailand But but can we really overlook the ultra mega chemistry on-screen of Yaya and Mark T.

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Kluen cheewit was really successful with Mark and yaya and I wish they make many more projects. They had the great chemistry Witty Assh 2 months ago How can we make them partners again in the drama? Sana nga magkaproject ulit sila.